24 October 2018

NZAMI Workshop: Risk management for licensed immigration advisers Auckland, 31 October 2018

Date: 31 October 2018 Start: 10 am
Venue: Eden Park, Broadcasters Studio, South Stand, Auckland Parking free and on-site

NZAMI Workshop:  Risk management for licensed immigration advisers

LIAs are a regulated profession.  Our clients have a user-friendly and free complaints mechanism that utilizes the Immigration Advisers Authority’s resources and its wide-ranging statutory powers.  With that complaints mechanism comes the risk of adverse findings in the Disciplinary Tribunal.  Not infrequently a client complaint may be ‘sour grapes’ and merely the result of an unsuccessful application or appeal, without any breach of the adviser’s obligations.  Or it may be caused by a client’s dissatisfaction with fees once their hopes have been disappointed.  Our experience, however, shows that even when the explicit concern of the complainant is not objectively made out, the file review by the IAA quite frequently shows other breaches of the Code of Conduct that may lead to a referral to the Tribunal, and an adverse finding against the adviser.

Managing the risk arising from potential complaints is an essential part of running a successful and profitable immigration advice business. It is a core skill. That said, compliance with an adviser’s obligations is not always easy. It is not only ‘really bad advisers’ having complaints against them upheld in the Tribunal. There are pitfalls for the unwary, and some matters – the ‘tripartite trap’ just one example – can raise complex legal and ethical problems.

This NZAMI Workshop is aimed generally (but not exclusively) at practitioners within the first five years of practice. Whatever the Polytechnic will have been able to teach, most practitioners will need to have started to work in the field, before many of these legal and ethical issues are encountered and can be understood.

The workshop aims to address:

  • Service agreements, engagement protocols and establishing who the client really is
  • Record keeping
  • Internal complaints processes
  • The requirement for fees to be ‘reasonable’
  • Tripartite relationships
  • Client confidentiality and related issues
  • The line between clerical work and immigration advice
  • Risk management in relation to fraudulent documents provided by clients

Disclaimer:  Please note we will try to cover all the bullet pointed topics listed above, but given the practical focus of this Workshop, it is possible that some topics may only be touched on briefly.

The format is deliberately based on a limited number of participants (up to 20) being involved in discussions and practical exercises. This is a collaborative approach focused on learning skills, not merely the provision of information.

Closing date for registration and ordering DVD Pack is 28 October 2018

Auckland NZAMI Seminar Friday, 26th October 2018

Date: 26 October 2018 Start: 1.15
Venue: Alexandra Park,Rutherford Room, Level 2 in the Main Function Centre - Parking is freely available by using the Campbell Crescent entrance


Open and UpdateMatt Gibbons, Vice Chairman, NZAMI

Stop Press: - in addition to the existing programme, we are now happy to announce that Andrew Galloway, the new Registrar (Immigration Advisers Authority), appointed on the 17th October, will be joining us on the podium to introduce himself to industry for the first time. 

Stop Stop Press: Counting Down to the Post-Study changes - in the lead up to the 26 November changes and ahead of actual instructions, we will be joined by Celia Coombes, INZ Sector Manager (Education) and Craig Chambers, INZ Senior Business Analyst for an in-depth discussion of those changes.  In particular, Celia and Craig will be walking us through some of the many scenarios that have been challenging the policy writers.  This will prepare you for the practical application of the changes to come.

Did you know? – a brief interlude to traverse some lesser known and perhaps surprising parts of immigration instructions.

Student Funds - an A-Z.  Student funds is one of those areas which may seem straightforward but often vexes even the most experienced practitioner.  For this session, we will be joined again by Celia Coombes, Craig Chambers but also Marcelle Foley, Head of INZ Operations in Mumbai as well as Licensed Immigration Advisers from different markets: Vandana Rai, LIA, Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd (India); Gisela Combrinck (Herath), LIA, Beverley International NZ Ltd (Sri Lanka) and Ruby Ho, LIA, International Education Fund (China).  In this facilitated session, we will cover:

  • what’s in instructions but also what’s not i.e. market-specific requirements;
  • fraud and associated risk management
  • first time versus repeat student applicants including use of:
    • own funds - e.g. savings, land or other asset sales
    • loans
    • sponsors 
    • financial undertakers
    • the Funds Transfer Scheme
  • scenarios illustrating some of the trickier areas

Industry Forum - a chance to discuss matters of generalised interest/concern.

Networking Drinks  (all Welcome!)

Closing date for registration and ordering DVD Pack is 23 October 2018

Christchurch NZAMI Seminar Wednesday, 07th November 2018

Date: 07 November 2018 Start: 1.15 pm
Venue: Peppers Clearwater Resort, Clearwater Avenue, Northwood, Christchurch Parking: Free on site

1.15 pm        Open and UpdateJune Ranson, NZAMI Chair

1.25 pm        Changes to the Overseas Investment Act impact all of us working in the immigration space as from 22 October 2018. Pedro Morgan, Principal Advisor, Overseas Investment Office will be presentingon the changes and fielding Q&A

2.30 pm        An introduction from the new IAA Registrar Andrew Galloway, Registrar, Immigration Advisers Authority

3.00 pm        Afternoon Tea and Networking

3.20 pm        INZ Christchurch Branch UpdateSarah Clifford, INZ Christchurch Area Manager and team will be presenting on the changes to their office as they specialise into a business focused branch. 

They will be accompanied by the Accreditation and AIP team.

4.00 pm        Deportation of residents and temporary visa holders  - a hands-on practical guide to what all Practitioners need to know. Peter Moses, Barrister, will be providing a presentation on deportation liability and character issues that many clients face in both the resident and temporary visa space

5.00 pm        Industry Forum – this is an opportunity to share any issues of general concern / interest affecting the industry and feed into the work of the NZAMI Board

5.20 pm        Seminar Close

Closing date for registration and ordering DVD Pack is 05 November 2018

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