25 April 2019
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1/15 Butley Drive
Farm Cove
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1/15 Butley Drive
Farm Cove
New Zealand
Pervez Suntoke

Mr Pervez Suntoke

Kaimah Consultants Limited

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Welcome to Kaimah Immigration Consultants specialising in skilled, business and family migration to New Zealand and Australia.

Contact us for residence visas or for temporary visas - work visa, student visa or visitor visas.

Adviser Specialisations
The table below shows: (i) the areas of expertise that the adviser has in dealing with the immigration visas and permits listed (ii) the countries about which the member has specialised immigration/migrant knowledge (iii) the languages which are spoken in the company.
Visas / PermitsLanguageCountries
Temporary Entry - Work English  
Temporary Entry - Visitor Gujarati  
Temporary Entry - Study Hindi  
Residence - Skilled Migrant   
Residence - Family   
Residence - Business & Investor   
Appeals & Ministerials