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27 October 2017

No mandate for immigration crackdown

20 October 2017
New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI), a leading voice in the immigration sector, believes there is no mandate for the new Labour-led coalition Government’s proposed crackdown on immigration.

Ben Mack: As an immigrant, I'm terrified of Winston Peters

16 October 2017
Winston Peters is gaslighting the entire country. Sound extreme? If anything, I think it's an understatement, actually. It's even more frightening when people with influence - like Duncan Garner recently - spout the same extremist views as Peters, then bizarrely claim it's not xenophobic to say things like "immigration is great, but I'm not sure our traditional standard of living is enhanced by it".

Jian Yang didn't disclose Chinese intelligence connections in appln

13 October 2017
A newly reelected National Party MP said to have been investigated by New Zealand's intelligence agencies didn't disclose links to Chinese military intelligence when becoming a citizen, documents show.
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